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for mission critical support


MPG components and systems are widely used in many of today’s most significant defense, domestic security, aerospace, and space applications, including:

  • C4ISR – Supporting command, control, communication, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. MPG companies make significant contributions to all aspects of the command chain by providing solutions for radio, SATCOM, data links, SIGINT, radar, guidance and air traffic control systems.
  • Electronic Warfare – MPG is proud to be a valued supplier to EW system makers, including providers of counter-IED equipment for force protection.
  • UAV – MPG supplies many of the latest unmanned system technologies, often with newly developed products requiring exactly the right combination of technical performance, size, and weight.
  • Space – MPG has a rich heritage of success serving space requirements with a variety of switches and filters, all underpinned by Hi-reliability test capabilities and appropriate certifications.

MPG customers include governments, prime contractors, subcontractors, and board-level suppliers, with products ranging from COTS components to sophisticated customer-specific electronic integrated assemblies. With the current focus on more technical, agile, and cost-effective capabilities, you can be confident that we’ve got your back.

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